Thursday, June 05, 2008

June Johnson County Dems

June Johnson County Dems

Sue Dvorsky, County Obama chair: "It's been and emotional and difficult time for my friends. I've been on the other side of this, I know about disappointment. I know it takes some time."

Obama campaign has invited local Edwards and Clinton campaigns an invite to help chair an expanded "Committee To Elect The Next Democratic President."

One HRC supporter swings by my back table, says "I better get one of these," picking up an Obama bumper sticker; still going to stay in the Hillary group at state convention, but that's the norm around here, where we actually sent a Dean delegate to the national convention.

Dems House District 79 candidate Becky Spears has dropped out.

Electeds and candidates: Dvorskysavageneuzilharneysullivanslockett

Treasurer Gina Schatteman is going away for work; we elect a new treasurer, Scott Smith. Also a new PR chair Ruth Spinks.

Candidates for national delegate: Chris Forbes (Obama), Faith Nalani Bromwich (Obama), Faith Wilmot (Obama) Bob Dvorsky (Obama). Senate candidate Sharon Savage also says hi.

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