Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Memory Hole

The Memory Hole

In the age of Google and YouTube, every statement is forever (hear that, McCain?) and Winston Smith's Memory Hole is, well, forgotten. But you can still try:

Clinton has scrubbed all negative ads from her campaign Web site and YouTube page, leaving visitors with only the warm and fuzzy moments from her bid for the presidency.

The whitewashing took place quietly in the past few days as Mr. Obama cut his former rival a check to help relieve her campaign debt and as the Clinton family moved to fully embrace Mr. Obama as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

  • Actor Dennis Haysbert thinks his black president role on "24" may have helped pave the way for Barack Obama. But I know it was really James Earl Jones, 36 years ago, in "The Man." Of course, they had to come up with a bizarre president pro tem of the Senate scenario in "The Man," as opposed to actually, you know, getting nominated.

    The related clips to this YouTube vid have some very silly items that play on the facts that 1) James Earl Jones has been in a lot of movies and 2) you can't see Darth Vader's lips move under the helmet. Just loop in any James Earl Jones role, add the breath sound, presto, geek humor.

  • And ten good things about $4 gas. This isn't an aberration -- it's the FUTURE.

  • A look back at past July 4th presidential polling, as we reminisce about presidents Dukakis and Humphrey.

  • Will McCain step on Obama's convention by naming his VP during the three days in between? Maybe, but maybe not; his birthday #72 comes at an incomvenient time.

  • And Iraq isn't Vietnam -- it's Northern Ireland. "Fact number one about guerrilla wars: They're not over until the guerrillas win."
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