Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Democrats Claim Lincoln

Democrats Claim Lincoln

No, I don't mean Blanche.

And Chafee is an independent, though he did endorse Barack.

There's always the relatively obscure Lincoln Davis.

And we did win Lincoln, Nebraska, though we lost the rest of that district, and the one oddball electoral vote was from Omaha.

No, I'm talking about Abe himself, as The Hill's John Feehery notes, and the GOP is giving him up without a fight:
By consciously patterning himself after Abraham Lincoln — his first presidential campaign speech given in Springfield, Ill.; his team of rivals; his train trip; his event at the Lincoln Memorial — President-elect Obama has claimed America’s 16th president for the Democrats.

It seems like Republicans are happy to give Lincoln up.

In the pathetic race for Republican National Committee chairmanship, the six rivals for the position were asked who the greatest Republican president was. None of them said Abraham Lincoln. Instead, they robotically answered Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan?

A fairly high percentage of Republicans probably don’t like Lincoln because of his position on the Civil War (he was on the Union side).

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