Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Weekend

Celebrations and Do-Overs

Right after the election I was kind of hoping that I'd be going out to DC to cover the inauguration. Before I had a chance to look into that, I regained my ameteur standing, so here I am in Iowa.

But the local party will be less overcrowded, cheaper, and the attire more comfortable. 6:00 Tuesday. The mill. Be there with the JC Dems. We have fun and games, and a monster slideshow of campaign photos (some of which you've seen on this site over the last couple years.)

  • It seems so obvious as Nate Silver writes the headline: "Is Coleman's Goal a Do-Over?" Of course. He whips a lot of FUD and conclude "gee, no one can figure this out."

    There's precedent in the two vote 1974 Senate race. But here's one big difference. In 1975, the Republican looked like the two vote winner and he faces a Senate even more Democratic than this one. Why should the Senate give Coleman a do-over when Franken is the winner? (Because Harry Reid's a wuss? Possibly.)

  • Obama For America is becoming Organizing For America, and will be a wing of the DNC. Which begs the question, DFAers: why the hell are you still having the Howard Dean Meetup?
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