Thursday, June 17, 2010

Branstad, BVP Talks Go Badly

Branstad, BVP Talks Go Badly

Continuing last night's loser theme: the real Craig Robinson has this must-read at TheIowaRepublican:
Sources close to Vander Plaats tell the meeting with Branstad occurred on Monday in Sioux City, and it did not go well.
And what did Bob want? I called this one right:
Apparently, Vander Plaats’ plan to unite the party wasn’t based upon his executive order proposal, his stance on illegal immigration, or even his position on other social issues. Instead, sources close to Vander Plaats say it was based almost entirely on Branstad naming him as his running mate for the general election.
What was I saying about losers don't get to make demands? Bob, you did this deal four years ago; didn't you learn that the trick is to do it early and save the chosen one the primary?

So what's BVP's next move?
After Vander Plaats was told that there would not be a place for him on the ticket, he warned Branstad that he was considering an independent run, and indicated that IFPC and Deace were supportive of the effort.
It could happen - I get the idea that BVP is in big part ego-driven. But absolutely no way it helps him. Social consevatives have a choice: scuttle BVP and get on board as the junior partners on Team Terry. Or embrace the effort and risk a second Culver term over an internal ideology fight.

BVP doesn't want to be lieutenant governor of Iowa. He wants to be governor, and having lost, he sees LG as the best road. Does anyone really expect (assuming he wins) a 66 year old Terry Branstad to run for a SIXTH term? No, the Branstad Restoration was always a move to block: it's Anyone But BVP and it's Only One Who Can Beat Chet, and it sets up the upcoming LG pick as Next Governor. And, since it was Anyone But BVP to begin with, a Branstad-BVP ticket undercuts the whole rationale.

Now, I'd be as tickled as anyone at an independent BVP candidacy sucking away a few ten thousand Republican votes. But if you participate in the process, there's a tacit understanding that you accept the outcome. At least Jonathan Narcisse (remember him?) made that call early on like you're supposed to.

Here's how you do it, losers:
Third District Congressional candidate Brad Zaun received the support of his primary competitors yesterday. Jim Gibbons, Dave Funk, Pat Bertroche, Scott Batcher, and Jason Welch joined Zaun at the mid-day press conference. The seventh candidate, Mark Rees, was out of town and could not attend. Having all the candidates publically back Zaun is a great sign for Iowa Republicans.
cc: Tom Fiegen.

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