Friday, May 06, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Saturday Stuff: Legislative Forum, Hall of Fame Dems

Sorry to those who think my new All Redistricting All The Time format is, quote, "boring." So to mix it up I'p plugging a couple weekend political events.

Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 will see the last Leauge of Women Voters forum of the legislative session (no matter how long the session actually lasts). Check your map, check your new legislators, see who's there. That's at the Iowa City library.

Saturday night the Johnson County Democrats are re-launching their annual (we've skipped a few years) Hall of Fame event. That'll be at the Coralville Marriott, Salon C. 7:00 for socializing, 7:30 for the program.

The guests of honor are Dick and Doris Myers, Ralph and Arlene Neuzil, and Jae Retz and Roberta Till-Retz. We'll take your money, sure ($25 would be nice) but we want you there.

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