Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Newt Reboot

The Newt Reboot

The Newt Gingrich presidential campaign (suggested slogan: Party Like It's 1994) has kinda been, from the get-go, a blast from the past. Fundraising is in self-admitted bad shape:
“Our numbers will not be as good as we would like, and candidly, the consultants left us in debt. But every single week since they left we’ve been cutting down the debt, and we raise more than we spend in a week.”
Unable to put the tab on one of the Tiffany's credit cards, Gingrich is reaching back to his speaker glory days with his new (to him) Iowa fundraising chair, Greg Ganske.

Greg Ganske?!? What, Tom Tauke and Gopher were unavailable? That suggests a new theme song, which won't need Tom Petty's approval:
Newt GIN-griiiiich, soon will be making another run
Newt GIN-griiiiich, promises something for everyone...
And that, too, seems to be the new(t) strategy: "niche issues."
As Gingrich sees it, Alzheimer’s, as well as other niche topics such as military families’ concerns and pharmaceutical issues,are priorities for passionate patches of the American electorate. By offering himself as a champion of pet causes, Gingrich believes he can sew together enough narrow constituencies to make a coalition — an unconventional one, yes, but a coalition nevertheless.
Prompting this priceless headline: Newt Gingrich bets on Alzheimer’s, other niche issues as key to a 2012 comeback. Betting on Alzheimer's for a comeback. Does that mean he hopes everyone has forgotten his disastrous tenure as speaker?
Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new(t) romance...
That one kind of speaks for itself.

The Amphibian One will visit the People's Republic next Monday on the BVP famIly leader tour. (I'm suggesting the capitalization change here; the I is upper case because it's all about Bob.)

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