Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Tab Clearout

Saturday Tab Clearout

Here's a few things I tweeted earlier or which otherwise don't rate a whole post:

  • Michele Bachmann was all eager to help Cindy "The Other One" Golding in the Battle of Marion, but Golding isn't so sure she wants the "help."

  • Leonard Boswell casts another Blue Dog vote.

  • With the dropout of 45 year old Thaddeus McCotter, "Obama is likely to still be the youngest candidate in the field as all of the Republican challengers who have announced a bid for their party’s nomination are older than he is."

  • The calendar cheaters in Florida still aren't picking a primary date.

  • How the GOP became the anti-SCIENCE! party: "These four factors — anti-liberalism, anti-intellectualism, religious conservatism, and corporate self-interest — create a such a climate within the Republican Party that even those inclined to accept scientific evidence feel cowed or remain silent. Or like Jon Huntsman, they can run for president and garner a mere one percent in the public opinion polls."
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