Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Turnout Update

School Turnout Update

Check back late late tonight or early early tomorrow for a look at school board results. For now all we have is turnout numbers.

As of 3 PM ICCSD turnout was at 1799, plus another 349 absentees returned. Fairly high for a board member election. Last time we were higher was 1995 and that board election also included the bond issue to build Wickham. There is the Kirkwood bond this cycle, but Kirkwood issues are usually less of a turnout booster than individual district issues.

Haven't had time to really crunch but compared to 2009 in general it's down in North Liberty, up on the east side and way up in Hills (which still isn't a lot in terms of raw numbers). In 2009 Anne Johnson was identified as "the North Liberty candidate" and this cycle doesn't have anyone in that role.

In the other districts, things are hot in Lone Tree. Challenger Tim Lorack was a last-second write in contender last time. Not sure what the issues are. Also quiet in Clear Creek Amana; that district has seen two or three write-in efforts in recent years and a lot of elections polarized between the two halves of the district. Doesn't seem like that's going on this time. Also quiet in Solon, which had really hot races five or so years ago.

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