Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Male Pattern Baldness Is Just A Backwards Mohawk - The Latest Strummer/Clash Updates
Strummer's Last Songs Due
On RollingStones.com: News via News Is Free

"His casket was adorned with bumper stickers reading 'question authority' and 'vinyl rules'..." An update on the last album situation and some nice comments from Paul Simonon.

Epic Readies Clash Essentials
On Billboard via News Is Free

"The 40 songs for 'Essential Clash' were chosen by Strummer before his death..." A completist like me - and I've listened to side 6 of Sandinista! - would argue that more than 40 Clash songs are "essential", but we'll let it go for now.

Article includes track listing - including "This is England," the first time a Clash compilation has acknowledged the existence of Cut The Crap. Disputing the choices is problematic since Joe 1) chose them and then 2) died, thus getting the last word (much as A. Bart Giamatti ended his argument with Pete Rose). But I've lived with this music almost as long as Joe did. So. Too much Give 'Em Enough Rope (seven out of ten songs?!? "Julie's In The Drug Squad"?!?), not enough Sandinista! (six songs out of 36, no "Something About England" or "Charlie Don't Surf.") And where is "Armagideon Time"?

Meanwhile, the South Africa concert at which Strummer's Nelson Mandela tribute song was scheduled to premiere has been cancelled due to business problems.

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