Thursday, February 27, 2003

The New Republic Online: State of Peace

It's a caucus article and hey, I got quotated!

"All this, of course, is a nightmare for the most unapologetically pro-war Democrat in the race, Joe Lieberman. 'I don't expect to win here,' he explains to reporters at the state Capitol after a meeting with Governor Tom Vilsack on his first day in Iowa since officially declaring his run for president. He's not alone in this assessment: Nobody expects him to win here--in large part because nobody here plans to vote for him. At the Capitol, almost every question for Lieberman is about Iraq, and they're virtually all hostile. 'I haven't found one person in Iowa who supports the man,' says Larew, an Edwards backer. John Deeth, a caucusgoer in Iowa City, expresses a common sentiment among state Democrats, especially antiwar voters, 'Anybody but Lieberman.'"

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