Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Yepsen Watch

The latest gratuitous slam on Johnson County and espresso-based beverages in today's Des Moines Register by the over-rated David Yepsen:

Traditionally, the Dubuque poobahs host a "Dubuque Night" during each legislative session, an excuse for a beer and brats bash. Well, this year, to the dismay of many, they upscaled it. Yepsen ends his item with: "If people want lattes and bean sprouts, let them find an 'Iowa City Night' somewhere.

Note to any national media types who may have stumbled onto this: The only time Yepsen scoops anyone is when he's spoon fed. If you want the real story, talk to Mike Glover of the AP.

For the record, I really do like lattes but I'm not much on bean sprouts.

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