Tuesday, December 09, 2003

More on Gore

First of all, I'm still Dean.

And I know this helps him.

And no one is hurt worse than Lieberman.

But even though my analysis is "game over," I can't say I'm happy.

I feel like I did back the year the Packers won the Super Bowl. (huh?)

Brett Favre's backup quarterback that year was Jim McMahon, of `85 Bears Shufflin' Crew infamy.

Now, any true Packer fan cheers for two teams: 1) The Pack and 2) whoever is playing the Bears.

So, Jim, welcome to the team. You've been to the big game, you know what to do if we need ya.

But deep down we know you're still a GOD DAMN BEAR.

Here's my anti-Tipper speech and a Danny Goldberg link.

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