Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Green Party Snubs Nader And Picks One of Its Own

The Green Party Snubs Nader And Picks One of Its Own

Lots of, uh, color and flavor in this story, almost to the point of condescending.

But here's the key:

"Cobb has developed a strategy he calls "smart growth." In safe states, those that are locked up for Bush or John Kerry, he tells Greens to vote Green. In battleground states, he says, "Vote your conscience," which is understood to mean hold your nose and vote for Kerry."

The Best Case Scenario has emerged.

The Green activists get behind Cobb and shun Nader. By running a safe state strategy, Cobb acknowledges the spoiler effect and makes Nader look foolish if Nader goes into a purple state. Nader loses all his troops and continues The Loneliest Campaign.

But the unknown Cobb draws far fewer votes than a Green-nominated celebrity candidate like Nader would have.

Hard to say what this does in a state (like Iowa) where running a presidential campaign is the only way to party-build.

Kos has more...

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