Saturday, June 19, 2004 | news

Sore Loser's Blues

Buh-Bye Keith Slaughter. You should find the Republicans more to your liking. Not that the Democrats will notice you left, anyway.

Seems to me that by participating in a political party's primary, you're making a tacit agreement to duke it out in June and unite in November. For someone who is so concerned about "division," bolting the party and continuing a fight that has already been LOST seems, well, uh... divisive?

"The fence mending has already begun," Pulkrabek said of divisions that arose during the primary campaign. "There are a lot of people who were Slaughter supporters who aren't going to be there for him ... who have come to me and said they will support me."

The issues, at least, are clear:

Snyder said "Yes some people need help, but we have enough social service agencies to give this help. We do not need to turn the jail into a social service agency."

Pulkrabek, meanwhile, said jails are "becoming a dumping ground for people who suffer from mental illness," and those who have not committed a serious crime should be diverted to appropriate services.

Look at the jail election returns from 2000 and try to guess how that argument will play out.

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