Sunday, July 11, 2004

Lame Deeth update

Lame Deeth weekend update

Now for the latest news from Iowa's smallest farm.

Several of the beans are well above the 9 1/2 foot fence top. Need to get the ladder out and figure out what to do. Tiny embyronic beans are beginning to form and it looks like the purple pods are outgrowing the Kentucky Wonders.

Roma tomatoes are beginning to appear and I think I see a hint of a pepper. Had to put extra stakes around the Roma tomato plant.

We've had several massive waves of rain pass through. I have not had to water once.

You know, I used to have to read actual farm reports on the radio. Never did figure out hog futures.

Happy birthday to my roommates. They're 7 today, which makes them kinda middle-aged like me.

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