Thursday, July 22, 2004

Trippi: Why Edwards isn't the presidential nominee

Why Edwards isn't the presidential nominee

The great Trippi writes about how, but for a few simple twists of fate, the man from NC could be on top of the ticket instead.

He misses a couple key points from later in the campaign.

  • Oklahoma was essentially a three way tie (29.9-29.5-26.8), but Clark got the bragging rights. A few hundred votes less for Wes, and Edwards wins.  Heck, even a Kerry-Clark-Edwards finish would have been better for Edwards.  Clark only stayed in because of the win, and the anti-Kerry vote in Tennessee the next week split almost evenly (41-26.5-23).  Edwards would certainly have scooped up enough of Clark's vote to win Tennessee and tie Kerry for the week (Kerry won VA 51-27-9), setting up a two man race sooner. 
  • Wisconsin. Dean made his last heartbreaking stand here and pulled 18%, while Edwards lost by five points (39-34). With Dean out a week earlier, Edwards wins, and we might be going to Boston Monday not knowing who was going to win...

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