Monday, August 30, 2004

A blog brought this guy down

A blog brought this guy down

Ed Shrock may be remembered as a footnote in history, the GOP Jim McGreevy. But my favorite part of this is Kos's bold assertion:

"A blog brought this guy down. Amazing."

The district newspaper notes:

"The allegations emerged two weeks ago, on Aug. 19, when a Web site called posted claims that Schrock was gay, and accused Schrock of being a hypocrite for opposing gay rights issues.

In the two weeks that followed, Schrock repeatedly declined to comment on the accusations – neither confirming nor denying them.

No mainstream newspapers, television stations or Web sites published the allegations."

I'm not a fan of forced outing but I hate hypocrisy even more (one of the reasons I haven't been watching the GOP convention) and this guy sounded like a classic closeted self-loather. Also more evidence of why you need a decent candidate in every race, just in case. Fortunately the Democrat is viable and credible.

I can't decide if this Power Of The New Amateur Media is good or not. I like the Everynerd as Publisher dynamic, and I like that blogging is a way past the bogus paradigm of Objective (sic) Journalism. But I'm also reminded of the old LBJ joke where he suggests accusing his opponent of barnyard bestiality. Someone suggests the charge is unbelievable - I'm cleaning this up a LOT - and Lyndon says: "I know. But let's make the son of a bitch DENY it."

I doubt this blog will ever boot anyone from office. But I will offer a tiny bit of wisdom that may be useful in real life: Keep your mouth shut on a bicycle and don't swallow any bees. I managed to spit the thing out but in a last act of defiance it stung the INSIDE of my lip. I spent the whole morning feeling like I'd just been to the dentist and sounding like I needed a trip to a speech therapist...

And the homegrown eggplant in homegrown tomato sauce was excellent. (That was before the bee sting.)

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