Friday, October 22, 2004

GOP leaves Keyes off its team ad

GOP leaves Keyes off its team ad

Ah, I haven't kicked at Mosh Pit Al lately. With Senator Obama out campaigning for the 2012 or so presidential nomination, it's easy to forget that Keyes still has to be dispensed with.

The glossy promotion, which doubles as an absentee ballot application, is zoned for specific regions in the state and touts "Your 2004 Republican Team." The team roster includes President (sic) Bush, Vice President (sic) Dick Cheney and various congressional and legislative candidates.

But there is no mention of Keyes, whose archconservative views and strident manner have embarrassed many Republicans since he entered the race.

This problem popped up once when I was a staffer. Candidate gets unwanted nomination in no-chance race and becomes an embarrassing albatross. It's messy and it goofs up your straight-ticket pitch. Any answers, however, close the system and can be seen as worse than the original problem...

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