Thursday, December 02, 2004

AHnold pulls a DeLay?

AHnold pulls a DeLay?:

"Democratic leaders are wary of Schwarzenegger's intentions. They contend that his aim to change how legislative district boundaries are set is a backhanded effort to stack the Legislature with more Republicans.

The minority party picked up no seats in Sacramento in the Nov. 2 election despite extensive campaigning by Schwarzenegger.

New district boundaries can transform the state's political makeup. Some Republicans may oppose any move to upset a status quo in which they are virtually assured of winning reelection. But Schwarzenegger and other Republican leaders say a new map would create more competitive seats, which could cause Democratic legislative and congressional majorities in California to dwindle."

Phil Burton is spinning in his grave... A "nonpartisan" re-remap of Kah-lee-FORN-ya could swing half a dozen more seats to the GOP and put the House further out of reach... watch this story, it could be big.

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