Friday, December 17, 2004

Video game controls facing a tough road

Video game controls facing a tough road

"We respect the governor for having a concern about video games, but we agree with the Entertainment Software Association that these matters are better left up to being resolved in the marketplace," said the MPAA's Stevenson, who was involved in videocassette litigation in Illinois last decade. "With all due respect to the governor, who is very supportive of the arts and motion pictures and games (sic), it's not a role for government."

Well, I'm not sure how much respect is due. In any case, the surefire way to make a game Cool And Exciting is to ban it.

And I'm going to step off the partisan ranch for a moment:

The first Democratic governor of Illinois in a quarter century gives us this, while his Republican predecessor retired with the Profiles in Courage move of commuting every death sentence.

Maybe I'll write the anti-Profiles In Courage with examples of shameless pandering and cheap shots. Profiiles In Cowardice, perhaps.

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