Friday, December 31, 2004

The Year of the Blogger

The Year of the Blogger

ABC News has declared bloggers the People Of The Year. I prefer their pick to Time Magazine's, but maybe I'm just biased by the flattery. Since I have to share the honor with all other bloggers, the glory is diluted by several million times so I should be able to keep my ego in check.

It's especially timely since New Year's Eve is the anniversary of John Deeth Blog. Two years ago tonight I started this thing up back in The Monk's Cell, the back bedroom to which I retreated during the last couple months of my marriage. The blog has since followed me to Monk's Cell 2 (the interim micro-apartment) and has now been headquartered here at Bohemian Paradise for the past year and a half.

This New Year's Eve we're having global-warming weather and the earth has been shifted an inch off its axis. This blog probably hasn't shifted the world - judging from my traffic and links the biggest impact on the larger world was probably publicizing an attempted book burning in Cedar Rapids among the Wiccan community.

But blogging has been fun and interesting this year, and maybe my rambling has entertained my loyal readers a little too.

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