Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More trouble on the GOP ranch

More trouble on the GOP ranch

This morning I noted that the bedroom obsessed wing of the GOP is dissatisfied with Bush's agenda. Today it seems that the Know-Nothing caucus of immigrant haters is no happier with the GOP Senate agenda. Writes Captain's Quarters, a blogger of the America First persuasion:

"In an age of terror and in a time of war, there should be no higher priority than securing our borders, one way or another. I understand that some may have different ideas of how to accomplish it -- but dropping it to a secondary or tertiary position on the agenda is unacceptable.

After watching Frist get pushed around on judicial nominations last year, I wondered if the GOP leadership in the Senate needed a backbone transplant. I'm thinking that the entire central nervous system needs replacing now."

Jerome Armstrong of MyDD
points out:

The dilemma for Bush is that his ~50-50 approval/disapproval numbers depend on a 90% conservative base, because his approval-disapproval numbers suck among Democrats (12-86) and among Independents (39-58). Conservatives rightly know that Bush won because of flaming the anti-gay issue, and are demanding a vote now. And now, with the Top 10 agenda from Frist out in the air, the anti-immigrant bloggers are openly miffed.

And unlike progressive Democrats in the post-Nader era, GOP brownshirts will not settle for "too bad, you have no place else to go." So we can expect moves in some bad directions, either from the Administration or from congressional Republicans jockeying for position in the post-W era.

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