Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Drudge Targets Chris Rock as Oscar Host

Drudge Targets Chris Rock as Oscar Host

As Chris would say, I'm tired, tired, tired of this shit:

It begins with Drudge bashing Chris Rock as a choice to host the Oscars due to some quotes from his routines that are sure to enrage conservatives, particularly the radical right and evangelicals.

The big question is: will Drudge and conservatives succeed in using their politics to dictate who is an acceptable host for a MSM television awards show viewed by up to one billion people? ABC is counting on Rock to re-energize the show and its ratings. They are going for The Daily Show audience. That's where the advertising dollars are, not with grannies in Podunk.

One other note: How much of the radical right's anti-Oscar fury is really the result of their feeling betrayed by Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby? They really don't like this movie, and it really might win best picture. They've called it everything from a neo-nazi movie to communist propoganda. To which, Eastwood responds: "What do you have to give these people to make them happy?"

Cue a rousing chorus of the theme from The Good The Bad and The Ugly...

Anyway. Chris will be the edgiest host since Letterman but hopefully will do better than the "Oprah, Uma" moment. He'll get in the kinds of zings he usually does: mostly aimed at the right but occasionally hitting the left with the recoil.

Oh, and as alluded to a couple weeks back I did finally watch "Head Of State" and I was disappointed. I've often said I wish politicians could be as honest as comedians, and Chris Rock had his moments on the campaign trail. But he went for the easy laugh just a little too often. White folks get down at the fancy fundraiser - yeah, we get it.

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