Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gore Out: A Rousing Chorus Of A Dirty Record

Gore Out: A Rousing Chorus Of A Dirty Record

"The 2008 Presidential campaign will not include Al Gore. I'm reporting tonight that the former Vice President and 2000 Democratic Presidential nominee will not run for President. I've been given this scoop from a perfect source who informed me that the purpose of this disclosure at this time is to end speculation about a campaign that will never occur." - Chris Matthews, MSNBC

And I am a happy, happy man doing a happy, happy dance to a dirty, dirty record.

So is my Gore gripe ancient history? Looks like not: When Matthews and guests began discussing Gore's non-candidacy, here was the first thing out of Matthew's mouth:

MATTHEWS: Now a potentially big shakeup in the ‘08 race for president.

In a HARDBALL exclusive tonight, I reported that former Vice President Al Gore will not be a candidate for president in the year 2008.

Chuck Todd is the editor in chief of “The Hotline,” called the Bible of politics and certainly the tom-tom drums of politics.


MATTHEWS: Let me ask you, Chuck, Gore out, does that surprise you?


I thought that he, considering what—how he won, in his mind, in 2000, and how John Kerry lost, and how John Kerry lost, some of this on the values stuff—Tipper Gore, she was talking about this in the ‘80s.

MATTHEWS: Oh, about the bad words on radios.

TODD: About moral values and the bad words.

MATTHEWS: Demonic words and all that stuff.

TODD: It all felt like there was this whole sort of...

MATTHEWS: She was ahead of her time.

Twenty years later and it's STILL the first thing associated with Gore. And given the nature of this story, so obviously a plant from Gore himself - was that spin a plant, too? Is that how Gore WANTS to be seen, the direction he wants the party to go?

Now all I need to make me happy is to see Joe Lieberman knocked off in a primary.

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