Thursday, March 31, 2005

Posse Gathers in AZ

Posse Gathers in AZ

Now that D-Day is near for the vigilantes of the Minuteman Project and their unofficial border partol, media other than the Washington Times are picking up on it. The Chicago Sun-Times:

"law enforcement officials and human rights advocates are worried about the potential for bloodshed.

Critics contend the project may attract vigilantes. At least one white supremacist group has mentioned the project on its Web site"

And bloggers other than me are mentioning it, too. The esteemed TalkLeft:

Given the risk that a whacko or two will join the 800 to 1,000 volunteers that the project expects, the Border Patrol doesn't appreciate the "help" that the untrained volunteers are offering. If the volunteers fear that the Border Patrol isn't doing its job, they should seek a political solution. Running around the desert with guns isn't a productive response.

In the post-Schaivo era, could this be the wackosphere's next stand?


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