Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Possible Leach Opponent?

Possible Leach Opponent?

From David Loebsack:

Some of you may already have heard that I am giving some thought to running against Leach in '06. I know there is at least one other person who is also "exploring" whether he should do this or not.

Having worked on numerous campaigns in the past, including most of the recent campaigns for congress, I think I am aware of the hurdles facing anyone who might make the decision to take on Leach.

At this point, I truly am exploring this. I invite folks to e-mail me expressing support, sympathy, disbelief, constructive comments, etc., etc. I will not make a decision until late summer or early fall, although if it appears before then as though this is likely to be little more than a quixotic venture on my part, I will refrain from putting anymore energy into this process.

Finally, feel free to tell others who might have an interest that I am looking into this and that I can be reached via e-mail..." (dloebsackATmchsi.com)

Dave's a good Democrat and a good Deaniac and I wish him the best!

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