Friday, May 27, 2005

Smallest Farm Update

Smallest Farm Update

Despite the recent acquisition of the new laptop, I still get outside sometimes. And not just because of the free wireless internet downtown.

Planting on The Smallest Farm has been delayed due to a combination of the involuntary relocation, wet weather and, yes, the computer transition. But the pole bean teepee went in last weekend and today the bulk of the acreage was sown with shady wildflower seeds. I'm still filling spots in, transplanting volunteers from last year's garden spot. (After starting my gardening life in 1994 and staying in the same spot four years, I have never since had a garden in the same space two consecutive years.)

I'll have to hit the farmers markets for tomatoes and peppers this year. There's just one decent sunny spot on the new farm and I love growing polebeans too much to skip them. As in the 2001 garden, the Narrowest Farm in Iowa. 20 feet long, nine inches wide. Just one long pole bean fence on the edge of a parking lot.

Memorial Day is pretty late for me. Last time I planted Memorial Day was 1996; a combination of wet cold weather and getting married. But that turned out OK (the 1996 garden, not the marriage).

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