Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tale of the tape

Tale of the tape

Worth the Salon ad:

"'The romance comes not only from the emotion expressed by a series of songs, but also from the sheer effort that it takes to plan and execute a mix. 'The time spent implies an emotional connection with the recipient,' writes Dean Wareham of Luna. 'It might be a desire to go to bed, or to share ideas. The message of the tape might be: I love you. I think about you all the time. Listen to how I feel about you. Or, maybe: I love me. I am a tasteful person who listens to tasty things. This tape tells you all about me.'"

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth has a new book out about mix tapes...

Oddly enough I am writing this from the library. Bad timing: The week the new laptop arrives coincides with a massive, system-wide outage from my ISP.

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