Friday, June 17, 2005

When in doubt, ask the old guy

When in doubt, ask the old guy

Strangely discomforting conversation in the local downtown corporate record store - I still can't call it anything but a record store even though vinyl is nowhere to be seen.

Overly enthusiastic man with South American (?) accent: "Do you know song strangewaytosayyouloveme ?"

22 year old clerk: "huh"

Enthusiastic man: "Do you have CD with that song?"

Clerk: "Do you know a... title or anything?"

Me: "What was the line again?"

Enthusiastic man: "Strange way to say you love me."

Me (embarrassed to remember): "Firefall."

Enthusiastic man: "That it! Firefall! Firefall!"

So Enthusiastic Man drags dubious clerk over to the F section, all the while shouting "Firefall! Firefall!" They manage NOT to find any Firefall CDs (the used vinyl section at Goodwill would be a better bet) but the clerk managed to help him order it. As he left (still exclaiming "Firefall!") the clerk and I caught each other's eyes:

Me: "I almost regret saying that."

Clerk: "Oh, well, he went away."

So is it spectacularly cool to know that pop culture factoid, or spectacularly un-cool? At least I was wearing an old punk rock t-shirt when I uttered the F word.

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