Saturday, July 23, 2005

Coffee with Chet

Coffee with Chet

My connection at home is messed up and my ISP insists it's my fault; yet the is the second wireless network I've effortlessly connected to downtown.

Chet Clulver was in town pressing the flesh in the early days of his gubernatorial bid. I caught him with a crowd of about 30 at a coffee shop and hit him up on the death penalty. His verbatim response:

"I don't support reinstatement of the death penalty and I won't sign a death warrant if one reaches my desk."

Nice to clear that up; I wanted to get that quote out on line for all the world since I had heard otherwise. But one tip to the staffers: Make sure, if you are printing a list naming prominent supporters, to proof it carefully. A couple "maybes" and, worse, one "no" slipped through...

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