Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Gore dinner may signify return to political arena

Gore dinner may signify return to political arena

I thought he'd already ruled it out, but maybe that was my wishful thinking:

The Davidson County Democratic Party is holding the first annual Gore Family Dinner later this month at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.

That’s Gore as in Al and Tipper.

The stated purpose for this dinner is to raise money for Democratic candidates in 2006, but it’s also the first time we’ve seen Al Gore politically back in his home state in some time.

Even though the Gores maintain a home in Belle Meade, Gore’s new cable channel has kept him on the move. The channel will be geared towards young people and will debut in August.

But Gore’s name is already out there for the presidential election in 2008. Enough time has elapsed since the Florida presidential election fight of 2000 for Democrats to put it behind them.

At the same time, Gore’s tremendous popularity is still intact and he would not be the divisive candidate that Sen. Hilary (sic) Clinton would be...

I'd certainly find another Gore candidacy divisive - as in it would divide me from the Democratic Party...

Nice to see that Al and Tipper's hometown paper can't spell HiLLary Rodham Clinton's name right. In any case she's a virtual lock on the nomination so I shouldn't waste much time worrying about Gore 08.

But you know I will anyway.

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