Friday, July 29, 2005

KKK Turns Focus on Hispanic Immigrants

KKK Turns Focus on Hispanic Immigrants

Awful, of course, but the last quote is so bizarre that it just has to be propagated:

Former Klansman Daniel Schertz, a 27-year-old from the southeast Tennessee town of South Pittsburg, was indicted in June on charges of building pipe bombs to kill Hispanic immigrants.

Imperial Wizard Billy Jeffery of the North Georgia White Knights denied any connection to the bomb plot and said he banished Schertz from the group, but he readily admits he isn't happy with the flow of immigrants to the region.

"The blacks fought for their civil rights. These illegal immigrants are coming in here and having everything just handed to them," Jeffery said.

It's clearly begrudging, and in the context of bashing another group, but here we have props for the civil rights movement from the Imperial Wizard. Weird, weird, weird.

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