Friday, July 22, 2005

Patriot Act renewed

Patriot Act renewed

257 to 171 in the House. Leach: YES.

UPDATE from David Loebsack:

To all, as you know, the Republican MAJORITY allowed this bill to pass without the necessary amendments. So long the incumbent is a Republican, there is no hope to change who determines the agenda and outcomes of the House.

Also, I will in fact be declaring my candidacy in the coming weeks. I am now very serious about raising significant funds before issuing a press release. I hope all of you can dig a little (or a lot!) into your pockets and help me get this campaign off to a great start.

I think this is the earliest anyone has ever started against Jim Leach. I know for a fact that he has already begun, as his fundraising reports indicate. I don't know what that means exactly (I spoke with him last Sunday at the Islamic Center in Cedar Rapids and he was none too friendly) but it does mean he is serious about a re-election campaign.

At any rate, I would be greatly appreciative if you could send a contribution to me at this point (I will have a website up soon). Any amount would be wonderful but of course the more the better and the sooner the better.

We can do this if we come together for an enterprise that begin to take back at least a part of our national government from the radical right of the Republican Party. We can begin this process right here in the second district of Iowa.

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