Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday Headlines

Tuesday Headlines

Still getting up to speed but wanted to pass along a couple items:

  • Clinic bomber Eric Rudolph, so "pro-life" that he killed people, was defiant at sentencing: "Abortion is murder, and because it is murder, I believe deadly force is needed to stop it." Really scary if you follow the faulty logic; our own Taliban.

  • Grants for Gifted Children Face Major Threat From Budget Ax, notes the Washington Post. Back in my day, the "gifted" program was skippng kids a grade - which educators later figured out was really bad.

  • Condoleezza Rice seems to have some folks playing along with her "draft" strategy.

  • Supreme Court Watch all over the place - which when it hits may save Karl Rove's ass in attention-span-addled America. UPDATE 9 PM DC time tonight...

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