Thursday, July 21, 2005

Women turn up heat to beat the freeze

Women turn up heat to beat the freeze

From the men are from Mars women are from Venus department. It seems men dress for the Martian climate even when the weather is Mercurial:

Don't run your dishwasher during the day, authorities advise. Lower the thermostat. Keep your curtains drawn. In all that energy-saving advice, they forgot one thing: Don't switch on that space heater.

Ms. Godkewitsch, 32, isn't the only one in her office to use space heaters in summer. "Quite a few of us use them. All women,"

Office air conditioning appears to be calibrated for men, fully dressed men, in shirts, ties, suit jackets, pants, sock and shoes.

Of course, Amanda brought this to wider attention.

Air conditioning cranked on high to drop office buildings to a temperature comfortable for men wearing enough clothes to stay warm in November is an electricity-sucking monster. Can you imagine how much more electricity they had to use just so the men could wear ties and the women could shiver all day?

Most offices have some kind of recycling program going on with the blue tubs everywhere for paper to recycle. I don't see why there couldn't be a similiar movement to ban ties and jackets from summertime wear for enviromental reasons. If it were promoted like that, people not only wouldn't mind the more casual summer atmosphere, they'd feel down right righteous about it, I think.

Cool idea (literally).

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