Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush Nominates Miers to Supreme Court Post

Bush Nominates Miers to Supreme Court Post

"Bush's loyal inner circle", uh-oh...
UPDATE: Interesting initial reactions. It's the Republicans who are upset, and the Dems seem to be saying "could have been a lot worse." Harry Reid has chimed in with praise.

TalkLeft: "Compared to some of those under consideration he might have chosen, like the ultra-conservative 4th Circuit judges or Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown, Ms. Miers is a far better choice."

Kos: "Miers' biggest sin, at this early juncture, is her allegiance to Bush. That her appointment is an act of cronyism is without a doubt, but if that's the price of admission to another Souter or moderate justice, I'm willing to pay it."

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