Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Governor's race baseball

More Governor's race baseball

Yepsen's been fed a juicy column this morning about AFSCME's apparant leaning toward Blouin. And it seems to be Vilsack doing the leading:

Such a pro-fund PR program by the Vilsackers is one way they can help Blouin without having Vilsack formally endorse him.

It's also true the governor believes the fund will be one of his most important legacies. But the program has become so unpopular in some quarters that it won't survive his departure — unless Mike Blouin wins.

Meanwhile Blouin is engaging in one of those little rituals of politics I can't stand: the formal announcement of a candidacy that's been in the open for ages. He's not the only one guilty of it, this cycle or any other. I remember Jim Nussle doing one of these once after the filing deadline. I'd love to see someone announce by low-key press release - or have someone do one of these anti-climactic announcements and have no press show up.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, the few, the befuddled, the Johnson County Republicans met for food and speeches. The biggest weakness of the JC GOP is that they are more interested in nominating Democrats than in electing Republicans. Next June might be different, depending on which local races heat up AND if their own governor primary is interesting. Worth noting: Vander Plaats showed up but Nussle didn't.

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