Sunday, November 27, 2005

10 Things that make Ubuntu a Neophyte's Distribution

10 Things that make Ubuntu a Neophyte's Distribution

I found a spare computer literally on the street last weekend, with a sign on it that said MONITOR WORKS. So I grabbed it, shoved in a video card and an Ethernet card (the previous user had grabbed those) and fired it up. Windows 98 and an undetermined amount of software and info from the previous user. There we sat for a week.

Since I now have three computers taking up space in my humble home, I figured might as well make one a Linux box. This post about the Ubuntu distribution provided me with the inspiration. About an hour later I was wiping the hard drive with my newly burned Ubuntu Linux disk. Another hour or so later I was up and running. It recognized all my hardware, I connected to the internet immediately, and the distribution comes bundled with a whole suite of software - Firefox, Open Office, and utilities that I'm just beginning to explore.

So now I'm one notch geekier. Not sure I'll ever be a Linux convert; too much of what I do is in MSOffice world. But it'll be interesting to find out.

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