Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hillary Hires Harkinista

Hillary Hires Harkinista

From Jane Norman today in the Register:

"Democratic political professional Lorraine Voles has been hired to handle communications in Sen. Hillary Clinton's office, according to the Washington Post's Web site.

Now, let's see — Voles also has many connections in Iowa as a former press secretary to Sen. Tom Harkin, for whom she worked prior to joining the White House communications shop during the Clinton presidency. Could it be that Iowa insight might be thought to come in handy . . . oh, someday? You never know."

A more entertaining tidbit than Yepsen, who looked at health care reform today and warned Iowa of the Red Menace of Socialism. Reads almost like one of those John Birch screeds from the dark side of the 60s. No link love for him today.

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