Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nagle: Iowa should join in primary fight

Nagle: Iowa should join in primary fight

Dave Nagle blasts Tom Vilsack with both barrels:

"New Hampshire is going to do what Iowa didn’t. It's going to fight. It will move its primary in front of the new caucus state, probably a day after us. We will then need to honor our state law, which requires us to be eight days before any other process, and move back a week.

We will receive heavy pressure from the governor not to do so and to honor his political manipulations the weekend of the vote. Fortunately, we will, by then, have a new governor in Terrace Hill."

A must read for anyone interested in Iowa politics. Anyone know who Nagle likes for governor?

The analysis is right: New Hampshire's fate and Iowa's are joined, and New Hampshire WILL leapfrog. I repeat myself: it all comes down to whether the candidates honor the official calendar or not.

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