Friday, December 02, 2005

Tattoo removal comes at a big price

Tattoo removal comes at a big price

Ha ha ha ha:

‘I’ve had (a few) people say, ‘I went out and partied last night. I don’t remember what I did, but I woke up and I have this,’ ’’ said Dr. Chris Arpey, a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon who has treated tattoos at University Hospitals in Iowa City since about 1999.

Removal bills run hundreds of dollars per visit, depending on tattoo size.

And the pain.

‘‘Most people say it hurts about as much removing it as getting it, except that getting it was once and fading it is eight to 10 times,’’ Arpey said.

I'm all for freedom of expression. But tattooing went mainstream just after my youth (the male pierced ear was cutting edge 25 years ago) and I have to admit I'm a geezer who doesn't get it.

Besides, I'm too furry for a tattoo. Unless I put it on top of my head.

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