Monday, January 30, 2006

Gubernatorial candidates not well known

Gubernatorial candidates not well known

The only poll that really means anything at this point. Joe and Jane Average Primary Voter don't know who any of these guys and gal are. Which means, four months out, that it's still pretty much anyone's ball game.

Is this a sign that people are just not tuned in, or a sign of a weak field? Judge and Culver have run statewide in two generals, Vander Plaats ran statewide in a primary, and Nussle has represented nearly a third of the state in the three versions of his district. Blouin's been out of office a long time but was in the headlines off and on as a state department head. Only Fallon and the Lesser Knowns have an excuse to be Lesser Known.

Interesting that despite his money and endorsements, Blouin's numbers are similar to Fallon's, both in ID and in favorable/unfavorable.

I'd like to see these polls include Iowans from other fields as a benchmark. How many people are familiar with, say, Dan Gable? What's the favorable/unfavorable number for Slipknot?

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