Friday, February 24, 2006

Edwards tops a busy weekend agenda

Edwards tops a busy weekend agenda

Edwards will speak at Vito's Restaurant, on the pedestrian mall. The event begins at 11 a.m. In addition to Edwards, 2nd District congressional candidate David Loebsack will speak.

The JCDems are asking $25, but if you can't do that show up anyway and do what you can. That's how we handle things in Johnson County. Planning full court press live blogger coverage.

Also going on this weekend:

  • The monthly League of Women Voters forum, which overlaps with Edwards so I'll miss part of it. I'm prepping a question and hoping for a chance to rock the mic with it.
  • The Feingold meetup, Sunday 3 PM at Terrapin Coffee in Coralville. May be late for that one.
  • Some JCDems credentials stuff.

    The open thread didn't draw the reactions I wanted (England, this means YOU) but by request, a cure for what this blog needs:

    Scary fact: I used to look exactly like the guitarist in this pic, back before I grew my backwards mohawk.
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