Thursday, February 23, 2006

Open thread: reader feedback and unsolved mysteries

Open thread: reader feedback and unsolved mysteries

Self-obsessed, I know, but yesterday was the top-traffic day in my blogging history. Things have really taken off in the past few months and I appreciate the interest. A nice little progresive Iowa blogosphere is developing and I'm glad to play a part in that.

Now I'm looking for feedback, especially from the regulars. What do you like? Not like? What are you not seeing that you'd like to see? It seems like the most interesting subjects at the moment are the county attorney candidates and, well, me.

Everybody, feel free to chime in. But I'm especially interested in two opinions:

  • The long time reader in the UK
  • The afternoon reader at the Tucson Public Library

    Rousing chorus of the Who with owls on backing vocals: Whoooo are you, who who, who hoot.

    (Note to younger readers: it was a real song about the time you were born, before it was a TV theme. It was not on the album The Who Sell Out, though it is a good example thereof.)
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