Thursday, March 09, 2006

Abortion issue heats up Democratic primary

Abortion issue heats up Democratic primary

Charlotte Eby of the Waterloo Courier plays the Iowa angle of the South Dakota story. The bluster from Culver is predictable but on target.

But the killer quotes come from Carmine Boal, the wingnut state rep who carried the ball on the anti-choice bills Vilsack vetoed:

Boal believes a new governor would give that bill another chance, and is optimistic Blouin might consider signing it if lawmakers pass it again.

"There may be an opportunity, no matter who wins the governorship on this particular topic," she said.

Does that, uhm, translate into crossover primary votes?

So next time they ask me "Why don't you believe Blouin on choice," I can say "because the anti-choicers don't believe it either."

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