Thursday, March 30, 2006

Iowa Focus Group: Vilsack an Also-Ran?

Iowa Focus Group: Vilsack an Also-Ran?

Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research presented its findings on the '08 Dem field this a.m. to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Their focus groups tested Dem primary voters in NH and IA.

Whole thing's worth a read, but this is telling:

"Gov. Tom Vilsack 'is too focused on religion and spirituality for New Hampshire Democrats, and his home state doesn't take him seriously. The Iowa reaction was particularly telling. He should have a hometown advantage, but he doesn't. In fact, after viewing and discussing a Vilsack National Press Club speech, almost all the participants expressed surprise about his humor, intensity and passion. Apparently they don't see it at home.'"

Confirms what I keep hearing in my ongoing focus group (daily schmoozing with Iowa Democratic activists). Vilsack does not have the universal love that Tom Harkin did 15 years ago. Iowa Democrats love The Caucuses more than they love Vilsack, and they're afraid that a Vilsack candidacy will be the death blow.

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