Monday, April 10, 2006

Afternoon In-Box

Afternoon In-Box

Two quite interesting items:

  • Issue 1: IDP press release on Des Moines counter-Bush events lists this lineup:

    Lt. Governor Sally Pederson
    Secretary of State Chet Culver
    Representative Ed Fallon
    Iowa Federation of Labor President Mark Smith
    Dr. Andy McGuire

    So Chet has some buy-in on some level. (Apparantly Blouin is touring soup suppers.)

    A commenter asks: "How do we know Culver didn't ask (to get in on the soup) and Blouin didn't tell him where to go?" Answer: Not plausible. Why would Mike welcome Ed but not Chet? Plus, if Mike says no to Chet, Chet could turn that around, make it "the other candidates are uniting agains me" or something.

  • Issue 2: A Fallon press release:

    State Representative and gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon (D-Des Moines) announced Monday that the strong support his campaign is attracting means that he will not run as an independent if he loses the Democratic primary on June 6...

    That notion had been bouncing around the blogosphere for a bit and Ed seems to think it was time to quash it. On a scale of 1 to 17 with 17 being "helps him achieve Absolute Metaphysical Certitude with moderate Democrats" and 1 being "alienates him from lefty independents and ex-Greens," How do you rank this announcement Fred Beadle Barnes? WRONG! Eleanor I Think Your Swellanor? WRONG! The correct answer is (Cp+x2).
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