Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stephanie Herseth In Close Race

Stephanie Herseth In Close Race

It's been just about two years since my obsession with Rep. Stephanie Herseth peaked with her special election win. I've had other obsessions since (Oasis, anyone?) but Herseth remains noteworthy as a Dem who wins in a very red state. She's also, well, rather attractive.

Herseth is the defending incumbent in Politics1's "Hottest Woman in American Politics" poll and she's up for re-election this weekend. Unfortunately, the Democrats are splitting their votes while Republicans have largely united behind one candidate (not NEARLY as well qualified). Vote often and early, polls close Monday night. Stephanie Herseth has an excellent record on this issue (rrrowr) and this is one election we just can't lose to the GOP.

Note 1: the guys are next week.

Note 2: Much more significantly, Congressional Quarterly rates Herseth as "Democrat Favored" for re-election; okay but it's tough turf. So maybe shoot her some bucks. Here's her site. For incentive there's lots of pictures of her there. Not Congresswomen Gone Wild or anything but there's a nice one of her with that other noted South Dakota Dem, George McGovern, right on the top of the front page. Which is a really cool thing for a red state Dem to do.

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