Thursday, July 13, 2006

Denise O'Brien: Staffing Up, Blogging

Denise O'Brien: Staffing Up, Blogging

A few items landing in the in box from the Sec of Ag nominee. Denise O'Brien is blogging; thewe was a lull for a month or so after the primary but now there's an update.

O'Brien is also announcing some staffing: of most interest in Iowa City is Regenia Bailey of the city council signing on as field director.

UPDATE: And Regenia's at work; this was in the in box later:

We’ll have a meeting for those in Johnson County interested in working on Denise O’Brien’s campaign on Thursday, July 20 at La Casa at 5 p.m. Bring a friend and join us to learn how you can help elect Denise O’Brien as Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture in November. The meeting will last no longer than 6:30.

La Casa is at 1200 Gilbert Court in Iowa City.

Couple months ago I passed along a story in the Solon Economist. City council member (and Republican central committee member) Kevin Samek said, discussing utility payments, "If someone is going to try to jew us out of a water bill..."

Anyway, Samek finally picked up on my post last night and shoots a few nasties my way in the comments. It's all the liberal media's fault, it seems. Good to know that the Solon Economist is part of the Left Wing Conspiracy.

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